The Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans was first released in 2012. Since then it has climbed the ladder to become the number one gaming app in Apple’s app store. The game popularity and demand has grown, making it safely earn the title ”The highest grossing mobile game of our time”.

Playing Clash of Clans

If you have no idea what the game is about; Players build fortresses in which they store treasures or resources. They recruit armies to protect their bases from invading clans and to help in raiding other clan’s villages to gain resources.

Clash of Clans is designed to be addictive in the sense that logging out means exposing your base for attack from raiding rival clans. Super champions of the Clash of Clans remain glued to their screens.

The winner of a battle gets a trophy and goes up in ranking. If you lose, you surrender some of your trophies. How much you give up depends on whether the person you played against was high in rank or lower than you.

Less experienced players have an opportunity to get more trophies if they take more risks while playing highly ranked players. When playing Clash of Clans, you have 3munites 30seconds timeframe to lay siege and take over an enemy’s base. Bezoek voor de gratis Clash of Clans cheats.

Core Belief that founded Supercell

To make a successful Clash of Clans cheats sur that rakes in an average of US $5 million a day takes great talent. So what really drives those people who work tirelessly daily to make such a huge success in a competitive gaming industry?

The founders wanted to put together a company that resembles a real-life professional sports team. That means scouting for the best talent the gaming industry offered for every single position, structuring the best working environment then getting out of the way.

Clash of Clans

Imagine how much impact you would have with the best talent working in a zero bureaucratic environment where everything including financials is secondary.

Why Clash of Clans has risen to Popularity

The product of these super talented people working in a super environment is a game with few bugs and addictive to players. Clash of Clans gem hack was designed to artistically appeal to players of all ages. Many players easily teach and recruit close friends to play as members of their clan.

Supercell has players hooked on the game with frequent updates which makes them enjoy new content every few months. The game has gone global with different clan members coming from different continents. It is common to have a clan in the UK play against another Clan in Canada.

The company appears to have hacked the business model that gets the game into so many hands. Clash of Clans is a freely downloaded app from the stores, you only pay in-app purchases if you wish to progress up the ladder faster. Given the addictive nature of the game, this has proven to be a killer revenue model for the company.

IIkaka Paananen was quoted by Forbes claiming the way to make money is to think about the fun rather than the money itself. That phrase sums up the working culture at Supercell.

Pokémon Go – A Beginner’s Guide

Pokémon Go is one of the rare Andriod or iOS games that have completely taken the world by storm. The free-to-play, beautifully addictive game provides enough fascination to keep millions of people glued to their smartphones while running in every direction throughout the day.

By tracing, combating, and training Pokémon that appear on screen when approached in a real-world location, Pokémon fanatics can entertain their favorite virtual creatures in rich augmented reality in a fun and stimulating way.

By using the GPS in your phone to acquire your real-world location, Pokémon Go distributes numerous different creatures in your surroundings. This allows you to see a powerful image of a colorful and tantalizing Pokémon in your screen as soon as you travel to a particular spot.

The idea is to catch as many Pokémon as you can. Alluring as it is, Pokémon Go cheats has the ability to keep enthusiasts of the game running all over the place to secure their favorite creatures. Another scintillating feature of the game is PokéCoins. This in-game currency is used to buy Pokéballs that are required to capture a Pokémon.

In general, you can whip out your smartphone in the street or the supermarket and use your Pokéballs to capture nearby Pokémon that lash out at you in your screen. Once the creature is secured, it is added to your Pokédex.

Pokemon Go

Here, you can see richly detailed images and information about each captured creature. Another fun feature of the Pokémon Go is PokéStops. These are predetermined landmarks in your map where you can go and attain a comprehensive variety of items for your game.

With Pokémon Go redefining the gaming sector throughout the world, you do not want to miss out on the brilliance and splendor that Niantic has incorporated in the widely popular game. The immense real-life Pokémon experience will, without doubt, procure your interest in the game and leave you craving for more.